Why not postpone the Tokyo Olympics until 2022?

Why not postpone the Tokyo Olympics until 2022

IOC explains why the Tokyo Olympics are not postponed until 2022.

The International Olympic Committee published an article on the official website a few days ago, answering a series of focus questions, explaining why the Tokyo Olympics will not be postponed to 2022 when the epidemic trend cannot be predicted, and also said that it is studying how to help international individual sports. The federation survived the difficulty.

“Our Japanese partners and Japanese prime minister made it clear that Japan cannot afford to postpone (Tokyo Olympics) until next summer. This is a difficult task for the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the entire country of Japan.” The International Olympic Committee Said.

Why not postpone the Tokyo Olympics until 2022

“First of all, you need to make sure that the Olympic Village is available because it is the core of the Olympic Games. Similarly, all sports venues also need to be retained. Thousands of people need to continue working. All partners, sponsors, and local governments need to integrate. The postponement (Olympic Games) involves all parties ’restrictions and compromises. There is no blueprint for the postponement, but the IOC believes that all the complicated parts will eventually come together and bring us a great Olympic Games.”

With the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, many international individual sports federations that rely on Olympic dividends face financial crises. In response, the International Olympic Committee said: “We are aware of the impact of the epidemic on the International Sports Federation and have begun to discuss with them what role the International Olympic Committee can play in responding to this situation, including helping them gain government Support and other possible support. “

Why not postpone the Tokyo Olympics until 2022

Some athletes who were banned due to doping violations were originally missed from the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but after the event is postponed to 2021, some athletes will be lifted before the Olympic Games. In this regard, the International Olympic Committee said: “As the global anti-doping agency, the World Anti-Doping Agency has stated that under the current rules, the doping ban is chronological and not specific to a particular event. The International Olympic Committee has Several attempts have been made to introduce rules to exclude those athletes who violate doping regulations from the subsequent Olympic Games. But the proposal was not approved by the Sports Arbitration Court. “


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