Trump launched a “cultural war” to save himself from the election market 2020

Trump launched a

The election market is not good, Trump launched a “cultural war” to save himself.

US President Trump’s three tweets were particularly interesting, namely, “Liberation Minnesota”, “Liberation Michigan”, and “Liberation Virginia”.

Trump tweeted these three tweets. Uninformed people may think that the people of these three states are in dire straits … But the actual situation is that because of the severe new pneumonia epidemic, these three states implement partial “City” measures, some residents think the measures are too severe, so the march demanded the lifting of the ban. Trump’s Twitter is a solidarity with them.

As the President of the United States, tweeting this and looking around the world, I am afraid that there is no second case: Trump is Trump!

Why did Trump do this? Because recent polls show that his approval rating has declined, I want to use this sensational speech to boost morale.

Trump launched a "cultural war" to save himself from the election market

US Cable News Network (CNN) reported on the 20th that the country is in trouble and the presidential approval rate usually rises. For example, after the “9.11” terrorist attack, Bush’s approval rate reached 70%. The epidemic is also a crisis. Trump ’s approval rating was indeed bullish in March, but the magnitude was very small. At the highest level, only 49% of the people thought he was qualified.

This small increase also quickly declined. A recent poll by the well-known survey company Gallup shows that those who think that Trump’s job is qualified fall back to 45%, while those who think he is not qualified are 54%.

This year is an election year. What Trump wants to do is to be re-elected. This approval rate is obviously not insurance. So Trump has to act.

A Bloomberg comment on the 20th said that Trump’s self-help method is to launch a “cultural war.” The cultural war here refers to strengthening the ruling party in the United States and inspiring the morale of its supporters. The “liberation of three states” Twitter is to achieve this goal.

After restrictive measures have been taken in various states in the United States, there are indeed many conservative people and the media who believe that the government tells people how to live, but it is too much control. They demanded that the government lift the ban and held some small-scale demonstrations. In the three states mentioned by Trump, the governors are all Democrats, which is the “swinging state” of this year’s presidential election. Michigan Governor Whitmer is generally regarded as a potential running partner of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. . Small-scale demonstrations have also appeared in these three states, and the vast majority of the demonstrators are “exactly” supporters of Trump. Therefore, Trump not only tweeted for “liberation”, but also called for “rescue your Second Amendment to the Constitution”, that is, citizens’ right to hold guns. Jay Insley, a Democrat and Governor of Washington, responded to Trump’s tweet on the 19th that the anti-epidemic measures such as home orders issued by various states are actually equivalent to “laws”. He “has never seen the US president encourage people to violate the law.” “, This is” dangerous “.

Trump launched a "cultural war" to save himself from the election market

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) reported that one of the functions of this demonstration was to unite anti-government, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccine, militia, religious conservatives and white supremacists General Twitter is very effective for them-it is because it works, so Trump uses this method from time to time to boost the morale of his basic elections, with a view to “fighting the enemy” against the Democratic Party. But in the past, Americans always believed that the president should be the “president of the whole people.” Trump’s approach made it difficult for many people to accept.

Speaking of elections, Trump not only launched a “cultural war” at home, boosted morale, but also planned internationally. An article in the New York Times on the 19th analyzed that the new coronavirus epidemic must be an important topic in this year’s election. In response to this, the Trump camp’s election strategy this year is to play the “Chinese card.”

The report analyzed that, in view of the improper anti-epidemic measures of the Trump administration, the epidemic in the United States has been so serious. The gap between the US economy and the high unemployment rate is the most serious since the Great Depression. Trump and the Republicans who follow him understand that this year’s election is quite difficult for them.

In order to solve this difficulty and divert the attention of voters, Trump and the Republicans who participated in the campaign recently formulated a strategy to discredit China and let China bear the “black pot”. The report said that whether it was Trump’s Twitter, his remarks with many Republican lawmakers in an interview with “Trump Friends” Fox News, and the advertisements made by their campaign camp, they all blame China and blame China. Opponents operate in the direction of “too soft to China”.

Every election year, the two parties in the United States take China as a topic, and playing the Chinese card is actually not new, but polls show that even if Trump and the Republican Party spare no effort to discredit China, about 65% of Americans think It was because of Trump ’s improper actions that the epidemic in the United States was so serious.

Of course, despite this, the Trump camp will continue to play the “Chinese card.”



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