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Trump “inserts” the American people to show that the domestic divide is playing on fire

Lots of people in the United States protested at the “Home Order” Trump “Come”

As the epidemic spread, US governments issued a “home order”, requiring people to stay home. Some people were dissatisfied and took to the streets to protest and march, shouting slogans “We want to work” and “Fuji’s dismissal”. The article “Fuji’s dismissal” just appeared on Twitter’s hot search list.

On the 18th, more than 300 protesters gathered in Austin, Texas. They threw slogans and national flags, shouted “Let’s work”, “fired Foch”, shook hands and said goodbye. Looks like people don’t have to maintain a “certain social distance”.

Anthony Fudge, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Inferior Diseases and a member of the White House Epidemic Working Group, has made scientific evidence and made suggestions for advances in Trump’s sentencing, but in a public debate Fake gun.

According to a previous Reuters report, on the 15th, thousands of Microsoft citizens protested against the “Home Order”, blocking traffic in Lansing, the country’s capital, and protesters blocking crowds supporting the U.S. President. Trump to protect the governor. Griffin Whitmer shouted, “Handcuff her (Whitmer)”. Kentucky protesters interrupted Andy Bhekumuzi, the governor and Democrat of the state, at an afternoon news conference about the disease, shouting “We want to work”.

In the face of strengthened protests, Trump has continued to post on social media to promote the situation.

Trump hit three consecutive tweets on April 17 and wrote with the capital “Liberate Michigan. Liberate Minnesota. Liberate Virginia and retain the rights that were given to it by the Second Great Amendment to the Constitution (that is, citizens have gun rights).

Shot a screenshot of Trump’s social media

At the White House forum on 17, Trump reiterated his above-mentioned tweets, saying that the steps taken by him to say that when making a “home order” on the party’s line were “too strong” and “too much.” , You can achieve the same effect by reducing certain paths. “

On the 17th, more than 100 protesters gathered in Huntington Beach, Los Angeles to protest the “Home Order” issued by the California government; in Minnesota, an organization that claims to “release Minnesota” is ignoring “Home Order” rules for Governor Tim Wall. Showing in front of Ci’s house.

Multiple US alliances to respond to pressure to protest “domestic order”

Protests in many places in the United States have caused pressure on the country’s governments. In response, many national governments have announced that on their own terms they will increase epidemic prevention measures.

On Dec. 16, seven countries in the Midwest of the United States have announced that they will be working closely to reopen the economy. The governors of the seven provinces said in a joint statement, “The first priority is the health and safety of our citizens.” “We will make decisions based on facts, science and professional recommendations in health care, business, labor and education.”

Earlier, the governors of several provinces on the east and west coast of the United States had said they would decide when to implement the pandemic prevention program and stimulate economic activity, but the basis for removing the restrictions was that experts and data showed that it was safe enough to do so.

Demons who object to domestic order are overrun by consumers: indeed as an abandoned child

As for the protests against the “Home Order”, many netizens believe that the current situation should focus on fighting the disease “, and in order to completely prevent the epidemic, the” Home Order “must also be considered.

Netizens: “Many American citizens are like spoiled children, but they are always held in the least advantage before them.”

Netizen: “As long as these people disobey the order (at home), we can’t go back to work. They made us stay home. Listen to the experts and control the virus first.”

Netizens: “Although I can understand that they want to end social isolation, I’m worried that if we all go back to work, the epidemic or the economy will get worse.”

In other demonstrations held elsewhere, some protesters even protested to “expel Foch”, but such requests were not widely supported. Netizens have left messages on social media, calling this behavior too stupid.

Netizen: “If you want to die, fire Foch.”

Netizens: “I have now moved Fudge” to the hot search list, I also pointed out that there are far too many stupid people on social media. “

Netizen: “I’m impatient with these stupid people who want to fire the Fuchs. How can they be a god?”

There are also netizens who believe that the protesters come together on such a large scale without any means of protection or that will cause widespread infection.

Netizens: “Shouting ‘chasing the Fuchs’ will produce a lot of spit.

Netizens: “The virus doesn’t matter if you shout ‘Chase Foch.’ On the contrary, be very receptive to such behavior, especially when you meet. “

Netizens: “The virus spreads through the respiratory tract. These people are very close, without a mask, shouting ‘Chase Fuch’.”

American media: Presidential coverage of violence is illegal

Senator Chris Murphy of the American Democratic Party has accused Trump of urging people to take part in the war.

Chris Murphy is a screenshot of social media

The “Washington Post” has released a statement that Trump was sending to encourage riots, condemning the behavior is illegal. It is reported that Mr. Trump’s account has more than 77 million followers, and his three “release” tweets have been returned hundreds of thousands, with great influence. We cannot just treat these tweets as a political joke.

Screenshot is a “Washington Post” photo of the report

CNN noted that Trump was playing with fire. The day before Trump tweeted, he issued a guide to restart the economy, but no relevant government. When the pandemic spread, many people lost their jobs. They have lost their money and they feel scared, worried, angry and frustrated, but Trump encouraged the protest at this time of trouble. As soon as spouses are encouraged to take extreme measures, the situation may be out of control.


Screenshot CNN Report screenshot

The article revealed that tens of thousands of Americans in the three provinces mentioned in Trump’s tweets have been diagnosed with the disease. The virus has killed tens of thousands of Americans. If people are allowed to travel freely, it could endanger millions. Human health.

American news site COMMON DREAMS has released a statement saying Trump’s tweets are encouraging good winners, and there is no word to describe how stupid and dangerous this is.


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