Trump ‘declared himself king’ while claiming a ‘total’ rating in response to the coronavirus, Cuomo said

Trump 'declared himself king' while claiming a 'total' rating in response to the coronavirus, Cuomo said

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo split with President Donald Trump on Tuesday over his claim to have “absolute authority” over restrictions that the country is making to fight the coronavirus.

“That didn’t mean the Constitution. What the president trump said last night was a violation of the Constitution,” said Cuomo in Microsoft’s “Morning Joe.”

“He had proclaimed himself to be President Trump,” Cuomo said, “And all the outrageous things that have happened to the government and in the past Our Founding Father, have not denied that.”

Trump appeared in response to Cuomo last Tuesday, accusing the Democratic governor of “depriving” the government of the most important health care equipment, “most of which should have been the government’s responsibility.

“I did everything for you, and everyone, and now you want to be free! That won’t happen!” Trump on iTouch.

Cuomo, which is his primary source of the Covid-19 problem in the U.S., was responding to Trump’s claim on Monday that he had the power to lift restrictions imposed by governors to try to delay the spread of the disease.

“When someone is President of the United States, the mandate is complete, and that is the way it should be,” Trump said in a media briefing on the virus.

“The president of the United States is calling for guns,” Trump said. “I have so much authority.”

Trump expressed tolerance for the critical social crackdown measures imposed by governors – such as shutting down unnecessary businesses and ordering citizens to stay home – that helped contain the virus but also hurt the U.S. economy.

The coalition government has not enacted a law that is banned nationwide, and has only provided guidelines for non-compliance. That guideline was recently extended by the end of April, though Trump’s previously announced goal of regaining economic momentum on Easter Sunday.

Legal experts say Trump is not right to seek authority over the measures put in place by states to protect the health and safety of citizens.

When a reporter at a press conference on Monday noted that the country, not the White House, had ordered the schools and non-essential businesses to be closed, Trump replied, “This is because I let that happen.”

“Because I would like to say that, I let it happen. But if I wanted to, I could close it. But I let that happen, and I love the way they did it, ”replied Trump.

The President had written in an email earlier that it was “the president’s decision” to “open” the provinces, which he had laid down, and “for many good reasons.”

Cuomo said on Tuesday morning that Trump’s status is now “180 total from where the president started.”

“When this started, he could stop it economically. He didn’t want to, ”Cuomo said. “So you have left the governors, and I have to do this, and I am in this position because the coalition government, seriously, did not want to be in this position. Now provinces are doing that. ”

Cuomo praised the Trump administration for their assistance to New York as the state was facing a coronavirus crisis. Federal agencies have deployed resources and resources in Durban State and have helped set up a temporary hospital space to handle the onslaught of patients in the hottest part of the country.

On Monday, Cuomo said the stringent measures of public service were effective, pointing to the increased hospitalization and a decrease in the number of ventilators. “The worst is over … if we continue to understand that we’re moving forward,” Cuomo said.

The next phase will be the economic recovery, Cuomo said on MSNBC on Tuesday. “I understand that the President wants to do it right away. I understand the nature of politics. I get it. But I also know that if we do this wrong, you will see the number of diseases increase.”

“We open up pretty fast, you’ll see those numbers go up, and we’ll go back to the square,” Cuomo said.


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