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The stigma and attacks of African Americans in the disease are exacerbated

The FBI’s Houston Houston Office recently issued a report on local law enforcement, warning: “Affected by the spread of the new crown disease, the FBI predicts that hate crimes with Asians will indicate increased American and Asian groups pose a threat.”

Discrimination and attacks on the U.S. population stemmed from the epidemic
Playing your pastHave you experienced any discrimination since the violence broke out? A Xinhua News Agency reporter posed the question to a few student groups in the United States, and the responses he received were troubling.

Many people agree that since the outbreak in the United States, they feel that discrimination on the Asian face has increased. On the street, on buses, in restaurants, or on campuses …

The causes of discrimination in this disease are complex and numerous. On the other hand, the issue of racial discrimination in the United States has increased in recent years, and public tears have increased. On the other hand, the “discriminatory group” represented by some American politicians were constantly insulting and despising China over this phenomenon, turning to blacks and whites, and then burning down.

From racist talk to hate crime

Han, a third-year student at a university in Washington, DC, told reporters that for the past three weeks, she and her roommate had been attending school. A car suddenly appeared alongside them. Two people in the car rolled down the window and shouted after insulting anti-Chinese remarks, which went off.

“Prior to the outbreak of this incident, I did not feel discriminated against, but I have recently noticed

Deng, a college student in Philadelphia, USA, told reporters that he was tortured for wearing a mask on the street. The experience made her feel “lost.”

Ma, a former college freshman in New York State, experienced some unhappiness at the airport. On April 11, he and some other students in a class passed through Los Angeles. He was wearing “pants, masks and gloves” because he was worried about being infected on the road. A white female passenger on the same plane rushed to her to ask if she was wearing this because she was sick. Although he heard a negative response, he still looked suspicious and refused to give up.

Not only students abroad and Chinese overseas can face racist remarks and acts, the same is true of Asian American groups.

Fan Jiayang, a Chinese-American journalist in the New Yorker on American media, sent a message that when he went out to dump the trash, he called in Chinese, and the man insulted him, “Damn Chinese.”

According to American media reports, discrimination outweighs the words, and “hate crime” for Asians, especially violent behavior is shocking.

On March 14, a 19-year-old man injured two Asian children, ages 2 and 6, with a knife at a Texas-based store.

On April 6, an Asian woman was dissolved in acid by an unidentified male in front of her house in New York, which caused extensive burns.

The FBI warns that racism is on the rise

The FBI’s Houston Houston Office recently issued a report on local law enforcement, warning: “Affected by the spread of the new crown disease, the FBI predicts that hate crimes with Asians will signal an increase in US-Asian groups.”

According to statistics from San Francisco State University, between February 9 and March 7, news reports related to Asian discrimination increased by 50 percent. If you think that the worst events that attract media reports, there may be violence against Asians in real life.

Some Asian groups have launched the website “Stop Hate Asians” to collect relevant examples. The data revealed that in the two weeks since the website was launched on March 19, it had received more than 1,100 reports of hate behavior.

To strengthen the defense, some Asian-American groups in New York have set up Facebook support groups. The owner of a firearms shop in Washington DC said that most Chinese in China are starting to buy firearms, and they are rarely large customers.

A statement on the website “Stop Hate Asians”.
“Motivation of evil and dangerous evil”

Discrimination and violence against Asians has been deliberately criticized in the United States.

Former US President Dr Bilen has just issued a statement condemning Asian discrimination. “These disgusting acts of discrimination must stop. Behind these acts are bad habits and dangerous ignorance.”

Biden, the former vice president of the United States and presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, spoke at a campaign. 
Xinhua News Agency / Reuters

Biden, a former United States president and president of the Democratic Party, spoke at the campaign. Xinhua News Agency / Reuters
More than a dozen members of the US Senate also signed a joint letter, “In order to alleviate the feeling of Asian hostility created by the epidemic, the US Human Rights Commission is required to immediately issue guidelines” and forwarded to the US Department of State. and the Department of Homeland Security and other departments.

On April 15, local time in the United States, nearly 200 American foreign policy scholars and former lawmakers published a joint letter to “USA Today” saying that the recent hate crimes and violent attacks on Asian people should be heard by the United States . such as “” The name “China Virus” only amplifies prejudice and jeopardizes the personal safety of Asian groups.

Signers include Joseph Nai, a Harvard professor, American ambassador to China, Winston Lord, and former Assistant



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