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South Korean: new world church does not provide information honestly “patient number 31” to hide the trip

Beijing, April, novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is released in two days, was released on 13 March by the Daegu municipal media. According to the Korean media, it was said that the new world church did not provide the list of believers and places faithfully, which brought interference to the epidemic prevention work in the new crown pneumonia epidemic area. 13

It is reported that with the assistance of the police, Daegu has used the digital tracking survey method to analyze the computer files of the list of churches in Xintiandi from 2011 to February 2020. It was found that 1877 of the list of believers was inconsistent with the list submitted by the new world church.

According to Daegu City, further investigation is needed to find out whether the loss and inconsistency of the list are intentional or due to the withdrawal or transfer of religious status.

In addition, authorities found and closed a total of 51 sites. The Xintiandi church reported only 42 sites.

In addition, the thirty-first confirmed case, which triggered the outbreak of the Korean disease, was initially investigated in the South Korean epidemic prevention authorities. It only visited two times in the new world Daegu church. But through the video recording, it not only visited the new world church two times, but also visited many other places and made some false statements.

Relevant people in Daegu said that through the administrative investigation, various illegal items in the Church of Xintiandi have been found and will be commissioned by the police to investigate. After investigating the victimization and studying the articles of law, claim is applied for.

At the same time, Daegu also stressed that the assembly and gathering will be monitored continuously, and in case of violation of administrative order, it will be dealt with seriously according to relevant laws.

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