Latest WUHAN News: China’s Wuhan Airport is Going to Open Soon

Latest WUHAN News: China's Wuhan Airport is Going to Open Soon

WUHAN NEWS – Wuhan, the Chinese city hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak, conducted disinfection Friday on the local airport as operations will soon resume on April 8 when the city lifts its travel restrictions.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport invited a team of 161 professionals to disinfect an area of around 570,000 square meters in Terminal 3 of the airport, said Ye Tao, head of terminal management at the airport.

Latest WUHAN News: China's Wuhan Airport is Going to Open Soon

The team disinfected main facilities such as benches, elevators, and trolleys in the terminal.

“The disinfection aims to create a safe and healthy environment for customers when operations resume,” said Ye.

The airport has also conducted training and assessments of key service personnel, run checks on major facilities such as fresh air systems, and conducted risk evaluations to prepare for resuming operations.


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