Italy Coronavirus Robot Nurse Named Tommy Helps to Keep Italy Doctors Safe From Coronavirus Disease 2020

Italy Coronavirus Robot Nurse Named Tommy Helps to Keep Italy Doctors Safe From Coronavirus Disease 2020

He does not wear masks, although he does serve to save lives from the coronavirus. Meet the robot nurse Tommy. – As told by the verse of Italy.
Tommy is considered one of six new Italy Coronavirus robots serving flesh and blood doctors, and nurses are taking care of coronavirus victims at Circolo Hospital in Varis, a metropolis within the northern Lombardy region, which is the epicenter of the outbreak in Italy.

“It’s like another nurse with complications associated with an infection,” said Francesco Tendali, the hospital’s director of intensive care.

Baby-sized Italy Coronavirus robots with heavy blinking eyes are wheeled into the rooms and left near the victim’s bed, so medical doctors can take care of others who are in more severe situations.

Italy Coronavirus Robot Nurse Named Tommy Helps to Keep Italy Doctors Safe From Coronavirus Disease 2020

A robot helping medical teams treat patients suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is pictured at the corridor, in the Circolo hospital, in Varese, Italy April 1, 2020. REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo

They monitor parameters from the gear in the room and send it to the hospital staff. The Italy Coronavirus robot have touch-screen faces that help victims report messages and send them to medical doctors.

Most importantly, Tommy and his high-tech team members have direct contact with the hospital to help clinicians and nurses control the volume of infections, thus reducing the chance of infection.

More than 4,000 Italian hospice workers have been infected with the virus that treats victims in Italy and 66 medical doctors have died.

The death toll in Italy, the world’s worst death nation, reached 13,000 on Wednesday, more than 3 of all international deaths.

“Using my skills, medical staff can communicate directly with victims,” ​​said Tommy the Italy Coronavirus Robotic, named after the son of one of several medical doctors, defining for a visiting reporter on Wednesday.

Given the enormity of its duty to fight the coronavirus and the number of times it takes high-powered medical staff, victims may take a moment to appreciate it, just as the Italy Coronavirus robots dictated by the doctor.

“You have to make it clear to the person who is affected by the robot‘s purpose and effectiveness,” Tendali said.

“The primary answer is not hopelessness, especially for outdated victims. However, if you clarify your purpose, the victim is fully satisfied with the result that she or he can communicate with the doctor,” he said.

Robots additionally help the hospital control masks and different types of clothing that employees need to use.

“Of late, they have been a very useful resource,” said the hospital’s director of medicine, Gianni Bonnelli.

The lack of masks is one of the many problems that plague the nationwide well-being system, as the epidemic appeared in late February.

Emergency nationwide commissioners have said that Italy will have no less than two months to become self-sufficient in making protective masks.

Tommy and his fellow robot nurses have another advantage – they are not the topic of fatigue. The quick cost of the batteries and they are back to work within the ward.


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