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Is the iPhone 12 late? Apple is considering postponing its 5G phone release

The iPhone 12 is likely to be delayed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, as Apple is reportedly
considering postponing the traditional September release of the new phone.

It is widely expected that the upcoming iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first 5G phone, taking the usual
the conservative approach to implementing the new technology (which now trails everyone from Samsung
to Hawaii, and already has the best 5G phones on the shelves).

However, 5G appears to be one of the key factors for the proposed delay, as the company’s 5G debut is critical to being successful. Of course, the current situation caused by the COVID-19 epidemic – its effect
on the supply chain of the product, from the consumer’s desire to buy a new iPhone – is the primary

“Aside from the supply chain barrier, Apple is concerned that the current situation will significantly
reduce consumers’ appetite for upgrading their phones, leading to the reception of the first 5G iPhone,”
the Nikkei Asian Review reported. “They need the first 5G iPhone to succeed.”

“The debate is still at an early stage, and the fall release isn’t entirely on the table … but the 5G maybe
postponed to the iPhone 2021.”

Apple was one of the first manufacturers to announce that supply chains were affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. We wrote in January about the potential delay situation for both the iPhone 12 and
iPhone SE2 – an unannounced but widely anticipated entry-level iPhone was expected to emerge immediately.

The Nikkei Asian Review notes that the growth of the 5G iPhone has been hit by recent travel hurdles.
“Since early March, the company has been working with suppliers to develop a more stable prototype
for the new phones, but it has had to delay such close cooperation, requiring hands-on testing, until the
end of the month, due to a worsening epidemic in the US”.

Apple is tight enough to predict this thing. As things stand, it appears that one of the best camera
phones of 2020 may disappear later than we expected.


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