Iran warns the US Navy of the Gulf incident

Iran warns the US Navy of the Gulf incident

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has blamed the US for providing a “Hollywood version of events” for an incident that occurred in the Gulf this week.

The US said Iranian ships made “aggressive” tactics for its six ships on Wednesday.

However, the IRGC said it had increased its patrols in Golf after the US Navy blocked the Iranian submarine earlier this month.

Tensions mounted after the US killed Iranian governor-general in Iraq in January.

An IRGC statement said US troops blocked one of their ships in two separate incidents in early April, using “dangerous behavior while ignoring warnings”.

It also adds that Iran will respond “decisively” to any misconceptions.

Wednesday’s incident came a day after armed men – believed to be IRGC personnel – seized a Hong Kong-sealed tank in the Gulf of Oman and returned it to Iran’s waters before releasing it.

What did America say happened?

The US Navy blames Islamic Revolution Guard Corps for “dangerous and provocative actions” against its ships, which were involved in military exercises with American apache fighters that attacked helicopters in overseas waters.

Eleven IRGC Navy ships regularly come to the six American and Sea Guard ships at “the closest distance and the fastest on Wednesday”, the US Navy said. Another pass within 10 (9m) of the Coast Guard cutter.

“US operators have issued numerous warnings about bridge-by-bridge radio, short-range explosions from ships’ horns and loudspeaker devices, but received no response from the IRGCN.”

“After about an hour, the IRGCN answered the radio questions on the bridge by bridge, then were sent away from the US fleet and opened the distance between them,” it added.

The US Navy said that “such dangerous and provocative actions increase the risk of collision and collision”, and were inconsistent with overseas events or customs.

What happened in the Gulf?

Relations between the two countries have weakened for decades. But tensions escalated after the US abandoned the nuclear agreement and restored sanctions on Tehran.

Last year, Iranian forces seized a British-flagged tank in a bid to retaliate by kidnapping an Iranian tank in the British territory of Gibraltar. Both ships were eventually released.

The US also blamed Iran for carrying out attacks on six tanks in the Gulf of Oman and for launching missiles and drones at two oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Iran has denied any involvement.

The enthusiasm between the two countries escalated further in January when America killed an IRGC official in a drone strike in Iraq. Iran responded by opening missiles at Iraqi military bases holding US troops.


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