In Spain to extend the emergency on April 26, the rise of disease is slowing

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro

MADRID, Spain (Reuters) – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will urge parliament to extend its closure by 15 days until April 26 as the daily decline in new coronavirus infections and deaths is again on Saturday in one of the world’s most devastated countries.

After speaking with Sanchez over the phone, opposition party leader Pablo Casado tweeted that the prime minister had told him he would “ask Congress to provide emergency” for a second time. It lasted delivery until April 11th.

A government spokesman said Sanchez would announce that the situation would improve as it took the majority of Hispanic people to their homes for three weeks, at a news conference on Saturday afternoon.

The death toll in Spain has risen to 11,744 – the second highest in the world after Italy – but 809 deaths from the disease in the last 24 hours were below 932 on Friday and out of Thursday’s 950 record, the health department said.

In Spain to extend the emergency on April 26, the rise of disease is slowing

That represents a 7% increase in deaths, about a third of the 20% increase registered last week.

During that time, the number of registered diseases increased to 124,736 on Saturday from 117,710 on Friday, when Spain first diagnosed the disease in Italy.

The figures “confirm the deterioration we experienced in the past few days,” said Maria Jose Sierra, Spain’s deputy head of emergency services.

However, he acknowledged that “there are many coronavirus cases that are not included in our statistics because we focus on the most serious cases”.

Some of Madrid’s most popular tourist destinations, such as the Royal Palace and Las Ventas, have been quiet on Saturday, as the Spaniards retaliated for the fourth week under one of Europe’s most feared fears.

Only employees in key sectors such as health services are free to travel to and from work. Restaurants, bars and shops are closing, and entertainment circles are closing.

Health authorities say a decline in new infections is a sign of Lockdown’s success.


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