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Once again in the United States, the G20 Health Ministers’ Communiqué “Abortion”

The G20 summit of Saudi Arabia-led health ministers on the 19th should have been a great opportunity for countries to work together, connect and fight the epidemic. British media revealed that the meeting was the first to ratify a long-standing agreement, promising to strengthen the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against a new epidemic of corneary pneumonia. “.

According to Britain’s “Guardian” reported on April 20, there are six categories of statements released after the meeting, saying the new disaster poses a threat to the global public health system, emphasizing the need to share information, collaborate and collaborate with bridges gaps in addressing energy efficiency. global health system. There is no WHO statement in this statement.

However, a bill received exclusively by the Guardian contains 52 articles, which discuss support and a commitment to strengthening WHO accreditation to coordinate the fight against the epidemic, which includes the provision of medical care to medical professionals. The draft also raises concerns about the lack of ongoing WHO emergency funding and urges donors to invest in appropriate funds.

WHO launches the world's first standardized platform for data ...

Most of the draft content requires international cooperation between countries to prevent future epidemics. It also emphasizes the current imbalance of health care between countries and the suffering caused by the epidemic.

However, the U.S. government which had earlier announced that it would “violate the WHO’s approval” showed a hostile attitude toward the meeting and the gathering. A few days before the meeting, US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Aza suddenly announced that he would not attend the meeting as planned, he was appointed by Deputy Secretary Eric Hagen and another official. Some participants said that Trump did not want Aza to participate in the rally.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai is participating in the G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting on Twitter

In addition, representatives of various countries learned ahead of the meeting that the United States was opposed to WHO support. However, participants pointed out that most of the representatives are still talking about the important role WHO plays in the outbreak and praised the importance of the guiding information released by the organization during the strike. As for the Trump administration’s previous request to investigate the WHO’s response to the epidemic, participants believe that this should be abandoned after the disaster has been managed.

Indeed, when it was time for the American delegation to speak, Hagen explained that the United States “could not support” the agreement, but suggested that a summary of the conference’s content be released in the form of a press release.

Subsequently, the Saudi Health Minister, who presided over the meeting, suddenly announced on the 19th that he had canceled the media conference scheduled for the day, on the grounds that he would immediately take part in his country’s anti-pandemic summit.

Details from Japan also echo the Guardian report. Kyodo News reported on 20 that the Department of Health, Human Resources and Social Services had announced that the meeting had planned to summarize the minister’s announcement, but that participants had not reached agreement. A person in charge of Holau province said this was the decision of the “Saudi Chairman.”


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