Global joint efforts to develop new coronavirus vaccine

Global joint efforts to develop new coronavirus vaccine

In the past 24 hours, the main points of the global new coronavirus epidemic are as follows: the number of confirmed cases of the global new crown reached 1610909; the number of deaths reached 99690. The number of confirmed cases in the United States is 503594, which is the largest in the world. The world will work together to accelerate the development of new coronavirus vaccines and create the most powerful weapon for the human war epidemic. The Chinese government’s anti-epidemic medical expert group to Russia arrived in Moscow. Several U.N. special envoys in the Middle East called for a cease-fire to fight the new outbreak. More than 13000 cases have been confirmed in the new African crown, and the epidemic is spreading to rural areas.

Who: 1610909 new coronavirus confirmed cases in the world

World Health Organization: as of 10:00 on the 11th of Central European time (16:00 on the 11th of Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus increased by 89657, reaching 1610909; the number of deaths increased by 6892, reaching 99690.

The number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus outside China increased by 89593 to 1527540, and the number of death cases outside China increased by 6888 to 96341.

More than 22000 medical staff around the world are infected with the new coronavirus

As of April 8, 52 countries and regions have reported 22073 cases of new coronavirus infection to who.

The report points out that due to the lack of systematic mechanism to report the infection of medical staff, the relevant information is limited so far, and the actual situation of global medical staff infection may be more serious.

It is very important to know the infection of medical staff, the report said. The results of the preliminary study showed that the medical staff in the medical facilities and communities were infected, most of which were infected by family members.

Global joint efforts to develop new coronavirus vaccine

More than 500000 new coronavirus confirmed cases in the United States

According to the real-time data collected by Johns Hopkins University’s new coronavirus research project, there are 503594 confirmed cases in the United States, which is the largest country in the world.

There are 18860 deaths in the United States, making it the country with the most deaths in the world.

According to the data, 174489 confirmed cases and 7887 deaths occurred in New York state with the most serious epidemic in the United States, including 94409 confirmed cases and 5820 deaths in New York City. More than 20000 cases have been confirmed in the United States, including New Jersey, Michigan, California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, with more than 1000 deaths in New Jersey and Michigan.

Global joint efforts to develop a new coronavirus vaccine to build a powerful weapon for the war epidemic

At present, the global multi-national research institutions are working together to promote vaccine research and development from different technical routes.

Tan Desai, who director-general, said in February that the new coronavirus vaccine is expected to be “ready” within 18 months. It’s a record high speed.

Tandesay said April 6 that who is expected to announce a “major program” to accelerate the development and production of new coronavirus vaccines this week. 130 scientists, funders and manufacturers from all over the world signed a statement promising to work with who to accelerate the development of vaccines against the new coronavirus, he said Tuesday. It’s a race against time against viruses.

Chinese government’s anti epidemic medical expert group to Russia arrives in Moscow

The Chinese government arrived in Moscow on the afternoon of November 11, bringing along a batch of anti epidemic materials donated to Russia.

The news about the arrival of the Chinese expert group in Russia aroused a warm response on VK, Russia’s largest social media. Many Russian netizens praised the message and expressed their gratitude for China’s help.

After arriving in Russia, the medical expert group will exchange and share experiences with Russia under the leadership of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, and provide guidance and training on prevention and control, diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the medical expert group will hold a video conference with representatives of overseas Chinese, Chinese funded enterprises and international students to introduce the knowledge and experience of epidemic prevention and distribute epidemic prevention materials.

Venezuela honors all members of the Chinese medical expert group

On the afternoon of November 11, 8 members of the Chinese anti epidemic medical expert group successfully completed the task of assisting Venezuela to fight the epidemic and set out to return home. In recognition of the expert group’s outstanding contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Venezuelan government awarded all members of the expert group the second level Medal of “Francisco de Miranda” at the airport on the same day.

Vice President Rodriguez thanked the panel for its hard work and selfless sharing of China’s successful anti epidemic experience. He said that President Maduro approved the awarding of the medal to all members of the expert group, expressing the profound friendship of the government and people of the committee to the expert group.

Chinese Consulate General in Osaka, Japan issues “health package” to overseas students

On the morning of November 11, 10000 overseas students’ health packs arrived in Osaka, Japan. He Zhenliang, Consul General of China in Osaka, led more than 30 overseas students’ representatives from universities in the area through video link, and made a “cloud handover” of the “health packs”.

He Zhenliang told the representatives of overseas students that at present, the new coronavirus epidemic is spreading all over the world, the party and the state attach great importance to and care for the life safety and health of overseas students and have prepared a “health package” for everyone when the domestic epidemic prevention materials are still very tense. I hope that these “health kits” full of love, care and exhortation from the motherland can help you to do a good job in epidemic prevention, and the motherland and the Consulate General will always be your strong backing.

Overseas Chinese actively participate in epidemic prevention and control

With the spread of the global epidemic, the overseas Chinese staying in the countries where they live have contributed to the local social epidemic prevention through solidarity, mutual assistance, and active response; all sectors of the Chinese society have contributed to the overseas Chinese


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