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French Lockers Catholics mark the sacred mark on YouTube

The ban on coronavirus has been broadcast live on YouTube, with Catholic priest Guillaume Le Flock working Wednesday evening in front of empty pigs to ensure his flock can celebrate the sacrament.

The virus has spread in all circles aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and government regulations have forced many in France and around the world, including the Catholic Church in Carquiao, in northwestern France.

For most of Wednesday, the only people directly involved were Le Folk, an IT-backed person, with three Catholic leaders from a nearby religious community doing its job of watching the live feed never end.

“They enjoy connecting with their pastor and their regular church,” the 43-year-old priest said of his members watching online, speaking to Reuters before the meeting.

The announcement marks one of the most important times in the Catholic calendar, and according to Catholic tradition, the angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary to expect a baby.

In a prayer at the start of Wednesday’s massacre, Le Foucault spoke of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed 1,100 people in France, and that 22,300 people have been affected.

“We think of all the sick, the caregivers and the lonely people,” the priest said. “Amen.”

The service broadcast featured a photoshoot of the church altar and a 15th century Notre Dame de la Blanche, a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary. According to YouTube data, live streaming has reached the top 175 views.

The live feed was previously advertised on the district’s Facebook page. Church members were given the option to download a list of service orders and song titles.

Loyalists across France, and now nine days of banned strikes across the country, marked this year’s reports in unknown ways.

A Catholic church board urged believers to place candles on their windows at 19:30 (1830 GMT), at which time church bells sounded to mark the holy day.

“This ordinary act is meant to bring together the dead, the sick, the people around us, the caregivers, and all those who have made life possible in our country come together in thought and prayer,” the church said in a statement.



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