Fortnite is coming reluctantly to the Google Play store

Fortnite is coming reluctantly to the Google Play store

Epic Games has released Fortnite from the Google Play game store following a long-running dispute with a tech giant.

The theme was previously only available to Android users off the market. It means that Google will experience a decline in in-game purchases.

Google introduced intrusion protection measures that block applications that are distributed by other means in March.

Epic said the move prompted it to release the game on Google’s platform. Experts suggested that the move would benefit players.

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world, attracting millions of players and viewers.

As a “free to play” game, its creators make money by selling dance moves, “skins” to change the look of the player’s character, and access to pre-release modes of the game.

Apple and Google have both taken a 30% cut from the apps distributed in their online stores – a charge that Epic chief executive Tim Sweeney called “disparities”.

In the case of Apple’s Apple mobile platform, Epic had no choice but to agree, as there was no easy way to let users install the software.

But it has been facing Google so far.

“Google puts software downloads out of Google Play unpopular in technological and business ways such as awesome, repetitive security software downloads and updates, block builders and carrier agreements and deals,” Epic Games said.

New efforts like Google Play Protect software block directly available from outside the Google Play store. For this, we have introduced Fortnite for Android to the Google Play Store. “

One expert said that Epic should still benefit in the long run, despite the confusion.

“Epic has bitten the bullet and released Fortnite on Google Play because it remains an offline audience for Android, especially in markets where smartphones are adopted,” said Piers Harding-Roll, director of game research at Ampere Analysis.

Also, the user experience of downloading and updating the game will be enhanced through Google’s first-party services.

He added that the game had been downloaded more than 50,000 times in the Google Play Store since its release on Tuesday.

Epic announced last week that it would delay the release of its third season of Fortnite until June.

It was not explained why, but there was speculation that it might have been due to delays caused by the company’s staff to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak.


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