Following America? Australian Foreign Minister and Minister of Health Ask to Investigate the Origin of New Coronary Pneumonia


Universal Times Australia correspondent Liu Tianliang] Australian Union Minister and Opposition leaders recently voiced their views and joined a political party calling for an open investigation into China’s crisis and called for “WHO” independence.

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on April 19, Australian Foreign Minister Payne said he was very concerned about the details of the outbreak of the disease in China and said that there should be “an independent international investigation” on the origin of the epidemic. This investigation should not be the work of the World Health Organization.

Payne said his focus on generating information in China reached a “very high level” and that a global investigation should be started on the origin of the disease and how China handled the early Wuhan. The report said it did not explicitly evaluate how this information was handled by China over the disease, but said that trust in China “depends on long-term relationships” and that all major countries in the world should be transparent.

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According to local media reports, Australia’s Minister of Health, Hunter agreed with Payne’s statement. Earlier the Australian Ministry of Home Affairs, which has been steadfast in China, said more than 60 Australians died of the new crown virus. “China must explain to all the families of the victims what happened.” To some extent, it needs to be reviewed. “The leader of the Australian Opposition Labor Party, Albanis, says that the main difference between China and Australia is that Australia is a democratic country, and democracy in a one-party country will be weakened and transparent.

Australia is the closest country to the United States in foreign policy. Following the outbreak of the new Crown, Australia followed the US and closed the border with China. New Zealand Television said on 19th that Australia had “joined the American call for an investigation into China.” Some observers have pointed out that before Washington raised the issue, not many Australians seriously discussed the origin of the coronavirus.


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