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Abe aims to earn money for the Japanese people: there is no income limit to send one hundred yen per person

On April 16, local time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Komeito Party leader Yamaguchi Nazu said on the phone as an economic framework against the epidemic, no wage limit would be imposed on a Japanese citizen earning 100,000 yen (about 6577 yuan). According to the latest figures from the NHK TV station in Japan, at 16, it has been found that approximately 9005 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been identified.

According to reports, Abe held a telephone interview with Yamaguchi twice in the morning and afternoon on the 16th, and said he would reorganize the revised budget and distribute $ 100,000 to everyone.

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Thereafter, Abe held talks with Liberal Democratic Party Secretary Toshihiro Hiroki and President of the State Investigating Committee Kishida Fumio in the Prime Minister’s residence, passing policy on reconstruction and budget restructuring, and ordered the ruling Japanese party to make changes. in this case.

It is understood that Abe had discussions with Naguchi Yamaguchi on his official site on the 15th. Due to the spread of New Coronary Pneumonia disease in Japan, Yamaguchi asked Abe to withdraw one hundred yen (approximately RMB 6,577) in cash to each person. Abe replied “this will look at you as a guide.” (Overseas Network Wu Qian)


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