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Does China agree that the WHO will go to Wuhan to investigate the veracity of the details of the outbreak and the source of the virus? Responds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Zhao Lijian said the details released by Wuhan City, China clearly show the open and transparent nature of truth-seeking, and that he is responsible for history, people and the deceased.
On April 17, 2020, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian chaired a regular press conference. The following is the full text of the press conference.

Xinhua News Agency: The spread of New Coronary Pneumonia has spread around the world, and food safety issues have also attracted much attention. Saudi Arabia proposes to hold a special meeting of the G20 Agriculture Ministers on April 21. Which official will be sent by China to attend the meeting? What are you waiting for at this meeting?

Zhao Lijian: On March 26, G20 leaders convened a summit to deal directly with the new corneary pneumonia, and reached an important agreement to promote global cooperation in response to the epidemic and stabilize the world economy. As the epidemic progresses, Saudi Arabia proposes to call a special meeting of the 20-member Minister of Agriculture to respond to the issue of food and agricultural security under the global epidemic. China greatly appreciates this. It is understood that China’s Minister of Agriculture and Home Affairs Minister Han Changfu will attend the meeting.

China has been attaching great importance to the issue of food security, and looks forward to the meeting sending a positive signal to address the epidemic and continue the stability and security of global food delivery.

Star News Reporter: According to reports, US Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview on April 15 that we knew the virus was coming from Wuhan, China, and the Wuhan Virus Research Institute just a few kilometers from the coast. There are still many situations that need to be understood, and the US government is trying to make sense. What is China’s comment?

Zhao Lijian: A few days ago, some people in the United States accused China of failing to notify America of the status of the disease in a timely manner. It is now considering the source of the virus. The source of the virus is related to the Wuhan Virus Research Institute. A reasonable person will know at a glance that the purpose is to waste water, divert attention and commitment.

We have said many times that virus tracking is a major scientific problem, and we need to listen to and respect scientific and technological ideas.

China News Agency reporter: Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the postponement of the “May 9th” anniversary of the 75th anniversary of the success of the Great War. What is China’s comment?

Zhao Lijian: China and Russia are joint venture partners. Both countries are also victorious countries in World War II, making great contributions and great sacrifices in the victories of World War II. China supports Russia’s side in planning the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War and understands Russia’s decision to postpone the “May 9” celebration.

The two sides will continue to work with the international community to securely defend World War II victories, act in various capacities, and oppose historic annihilation and do good.

Agence France-Presse reporter: French President Macron yesterday criticized China’s response to the disease, saying there was no comparison between an open society and a pressing society. British Foreign Secretary Rab has also criticized China on issues such as the early onset of the disease. Is China expressing concern over this criticism from the West? How will they react?

Zhao Lijian: Major infectious diseases are a common enemy of all mankind. At present, the New Coronary Pneumonia pandemic is spreading around the world, seriously endangering human health and wellbeing. People’s lives are important, saving people is important, and it’s pointless to discuss the correct program and program model. The highest priority for all countries should be to integrate and fight the epidemic and win the war.

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, heads of state and China and France have called together three times to express their support and comfort. They have provided a good test on each other’s anti-pandemic efforts, and have made anti-pandemic cooperation between the two countries to strengthen the Parties and other levels of multilateral cooperation have reached an important agreement. I well remember that during the February 18 call, President Macron expressed his gratitude for the strong anti-pandemic measures taken by the Chinese government, expressed his clear and clear thanks to China and other countries for the fight against the pandemic, and stressed the tough measures against the China epidemic The hard work and extraordinary success have been recognized by the international community. During the announcement on March 23, President Macron reiterated his position and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government and the people of China for their courage and decisive steps to successfully manage the disease. Thank you for this disease.

Recently, Chinese and British foreign leaders and ministers have repeatedly called for an alliance against the epidemic. During the call, the British side was particularly pleased with China’s comprehensive and effective measures, timely sharing of information with the international community, and efforts to curb the spread of the disease to the world. The Foreign Minister of Rab has expressly expressed his refusal to take over the political process and deemed it inappropriate. The international community must build consensus and strengthen cooperation. Prime Minister Johnson indicated that they would visit China soon after the outbreak and jointly promote the development of relations between the two countries.

In the era of globalization, traditional and non-traditional security will continue to bring new tests. Solidarity and solidarity are the most powerful weapons of the international community to overcome the epidemic. I would also like to reiterate that China is committed to working with the international community, including France and Britain, to stick to multilateralism, to strengthen unity and solidarity, and to safeguard the life of the common good and the security of all people.

Hong Kong China Commentary: According to reports, on the 16th, US Secretary of Defense Esper said in an interview that it was difficult to believe details from the Chinese Communist Party. They have been misleading us. Details were not visible at the beginning of the outbreak phase. What is China’s comment?

Zhao Lijian: Since the issue, China has been adopting comprehensive, transparent and credible prevention and control measures, and has done everything possible to contain the spread of the epidemic, and has actively pursued global anti-pandemic cooperation. We have presented the right situation many times.

If the United States was misled or didn’t get enough info.

CCTV reporter: The Nigerian Foreign Minister recently met with reporters to appraise China’s achievements against the epidemic and applaud China’s actions to properly address the plight of African citizens in Guangdong. Do you have any comments on China? Can you tell us about the recent progress in China-Africa anti-epidemic cooperation?

Ntor the objective and rational and clarified some of the false statements. Based uk. Local infection prevention regulations.

China and Africa are a shared destiny society. At an important moment in China’s fight against the epidemic, the African brothers have given us strong solidarity and support. The epidemic is still developing in Africa and China is focusing heavily on it. Two medical expert teams sent by the Chinese government to Ethiopia and Burkina Faso arrived yesterday. China will continue to send medical teams to relevant African countries, delivering anti-infective products to the best of its ability, and supporting anti-epidemic measures by African countries and peoples. It is hoped that after the cooperation against this epidemic, the China-Africa alliance will remain strong.

CCTV reporter: Recently, China and Andean countries held a video exchange meeting on prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia. Can you tell us about the meeting?

Zhao Lijian: Thanks for your question.

Feed. , A total of more than 50 participants from the scientific and health departments and medical professionals. During the meeting, experts from Tonggye Hospital and the Huapeh State Center for Disease Control affiliated with Huangshong University of Science and Technology in China interacted with experts from the Andean countries on prevention and control measures, diagnostic methods, medical treatment and other issues. The meeting lasted about one and a half hours and achieved good results.

Representatives of foreign parties have strongly commented on China’s efforts to respond to the epidemic, praised Chinese medical workers for not sharing the diagnostic and therapeutic experience, and made the exchange meeting a useful note and hint for countries to do a better job of preventing the epidemic Said. And regulation, which will help countries quickly overcome the epidemic.

The virus is emotional. The Chinese government will continue to share the anti-epidemic experience with the international community, including Latin American countries in various forms, provide technical support to needy countries, promote international anti-epidemic cooperation, and protect the people of all countries. The world is about life security and good health in the sense of creating a shared future society for humanity.

AFP reporter: Some people suspect that the new coronavirus virus appeared in Wuhan. Does China agree to get WHO experts to visit Wuhan to investigate the validity of the infection data and the source of the virus?

Zhao Lijian: Reported on the reliability of data, this morning, on the revised status of Wuhan City.


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