China joins the UN Human Rights Panel despite a worrying record, a response to the coronavirus

China joins the UN Human Rights Panel despite a worrying record, a response to the coronavirus

China is appointed to a panel of the U.N. opposition council. The Human Rights Council, where it will assist voters in key positions – despite their decades-long record of human rights abuses that the U.S. has blamed for the coronavirus epidemic

Jiang Duan, minister of the Chinese Mission in Geneva, was appointed to the U.N. Consultative Council’s Human Rights Organization – where he will serve as the representative of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. He will serve as one of the five representatives of international blogs and is joined by delegates from Spain, Slovenia, and Chad.

China is widely criticized for its handling of the outbreak, when the US and others blamed the communist country for secretly punishing doctors, censoring journalists, suppressing information and ultimately downplaying the virus – leaving the world blind and unable to respond adequately to what later became a pandemic. the world over.

There was renewed criticism last year when Venezuela, a country plagued by poverty and human rights abuses under dictator Nicolas Maduro, was elected to the Council.

“It may have been located in the same area in China where it originated,” said President Trump, who called the virus a “Chinese virus,” at a press conference last month. “And the world pays a huge price for what they’ve done.”

The U.N. Watch, a Geneva-based human rights official, first reported on the development in Geneva, and reacted angrily to the trip, saying it was “prudent and ethical” that the U.N. allowing the Chinese government to participate in the election of human rights officials.

“Allowing China’s oppressive and ruthless regime to select land investigators for freedom of speech, illegal detention and corrupt enforcement is like making the Prisomaniac the head of city fire,” said Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of the U.N. Watch.

The corpse said China would now play a key role in getting at least 17 human rights investigators, including those seeking freedom of speech, forced to disappear and illegally detained – all rights that the Chinese government violated.

The Human Rights Council has also been closely scrutinized for its membership. The Americans left the council in 2018. Then the U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley called it “a defender of human rights abuses, as well as a political defender.”


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