British Foreign Secretary asks China to answer “source of coronavirus”

British Foreign Secretary asks China to answer

The British extended the order of closure of the city for 3 weeks, the Foreign Secretary shouted to ask China to answer the “source of coronavirus”.

On April 16th, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of British New Coronary Pneumonia exceeded 100,000. ) Many members of the royal family and senior government officials have contracted diseases one after another.

On the 16th, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced that the current domestic closure measures will continue for at least three more weeks, and will continue to be extended as appropriate.

At the same time, the British government, which should have focused all its work on epidemic prevention and patient treatment at the moment, has begun to touch on issues such as “the source of coronavirus”. Rab claimed that China should give the international community a clear answer on the “source of coronavirus”, and claimed that the relationship between Britain and China after the epidemic could not be as usual.

The former British Foreign Secretary William Hague suggested that the UK should use Huawei to express a tougher attitude to China.

Comprehensive Reuters, “Financial Times”, “Guardian” and other media reported on the 17th, because Prime Minister Johnson was infected with new coronary pneumonia, the current Foreign Minister Rab, who is temporarily acting as prime minister, held a daily outbreak on the 10th at Downing Street Press conference. He said at the meeting that the current British “closure order” will continue for at least three weeks, and may even continue until June.

British Foreign Secretary asks China to answer "source of coronavirus"

Rab said that some public health experts believe that the removal of the blockade measures may lead to the second round of outbreaks, which will greatly increase the number of deaths in the country.

When asked whether the relationship with China would change due to the epidemic, Lab said that after the epidemic, the relationship between the United Kingdom and China “could not fully return to the previous level.” He even claimed that “the international community needs China to give a clear answer to the epidemic.”

“Financial Times” believes that Rab’s remarks, to a certain extent, reflect the dissatisfaction of the top British government towards China, and believe that China has caused the global pandemic of the epidemic.

In fact, the current outbreaks of European countries such as the United Kingdom and other European countries are entirely caused by their own weak prevention and control. Some countries even put forward the idea of ​​”group immunization”.

In addition, the so-called “source of coronavirus” discussion is currently meaningless. The most important thing at present is that all countries in the world should work together to overcome the difficulties and control the epidemic as soon as possible.

According to Rab ’s posture, he said that he would not rule out looking for China to “account” in the future: “There is no doubt that after this crisis, our relationship with China cannot be as usual, and we need them to give answers to the epidemic problems. How did it happen? Why can’t the virus be blocked early? “

The “accounting” that Rab said, his “predecessor” had already thought of a part of the plan.

Earlier, the former British Foreign Secretary Haig had called on the government to adopt a tougher attitude, including the exclusion of Chinese communications equipment manufacturer Huawei from the UK.

The Financial Times pointed out that since the government led by Prime Minister Johnson in January this year allowed Huawei to “limitedly” participate in the construction of the UK’s 5G network, many conservative MPs were very dissatisfied with this decision.

Some Conservatives worry that allowing Huawei to enter the UK may lead to the UK being “surveilled” by China, although Huawei has repeatedly stated that it is only a private company and is not subject to state intervention.

Rab said: “During the epidemic, the UK and China had good cooperation on issues such as evacuation of overseas Chinese, but we have to deal with issues such as equipment review in a ‘balanced manner.'”

The British government decided in January this year to let Huawei “limited” participation in 5G construction. Since Xinhua News Agency

The Financial Times also specifically mentioned that President Trump, one of the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7), has repeatedly strongly accused China of not being transparent and slow in handling the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. And Rab also replaced Johnson in the G7 leader video conference held on the 16th. The above remarks were made after Rab participated in this video conference.

On March 20, Foreign Minister Wang Yi once spoke with British Foreign Secretary Rab.

At that time, Rab said that the British side firmly opposed the politicization of the epidemic and fully agreed with China ‘s position that the source of coronavirus is a scientific issue and that scientific and professional opinions are required . In the face of this epidemic, all parties should work together to overcome the difficulties. At the same time, he also highly appreciated China’s remarkable results in fighting the epidemic.


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