Bill Gates foundation plans to invest billions of dollars to build factories and develop seven new coronavirus vaccines

Bill Gates foundation plans to invest billions of dollars to build factories and develop seven new coronavirus vaccines

Novel coronavirus, NetEase, April 5th, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft Bill Gates (Trevor) has recently accepted the interview with Trevor Noah, a daily show host, and announced that its Bill Gates foundation is to spend billions of dollars to build new factories for research and development of 7 effective vaccines against new coronavirus. Bill Gate,

After expressing concerns about the novel coronavirus’s response, Gates confirmed that he will provide funds for the new plant to produce seven different types of new coronavirus vaccine. This effort may cost him billions of dollars, and in the end, it will not achieve the expected goal. But Gates thinks it’s something that needs to be done as soon as possible because we can’t waste time.

Gates revealed that his Bill Gates foundation mobilized resources faster than government departments. “Because our Bill Gates foundation has deep expertise in dealing with infectious diseases, we have considered the epidemic, and we do fund some preparatory work, such as the development of vaccines. Our early funding can accelerate this work,” he said

Gates has studied existing vaccines and has decided to build factories for seven of them. “While we will ultimately choose at most two of these vaccines, we will fund factories for all seven vaccines so that we don’t waste time screening out ‘which vaccine works’ and then building factories,” he said

Gates explained that he has the advantage that the government does not have, that is, he can quickly test and ensure that a variety of promising vaccines can be put into production as soon as possible, hoping to bring at least one vaccine to the market as soon as possible.

“We could waste billions of dollars on vaccines that are not selected because they have better options,” he said. But in our current situation, it’s worth wasting billions of dollars. We will help launch the project and save months, and now every moment is crucial. “

“If we take the right measures, things may start again in the summer, but not completely back to normal,” Gates added. We are still very concerned that masks may be required to be used outdoors. These extraordinary measures will continue to be implemented until all people have been vaccinated to minimize losses. “

A few days ago, gates published a column in the Washington Post explaining how the world can make up for the lost time. “Novel coronavirus epidemic is needed to curb the outbreak of new coronavirus,” he wrote. If it goes well, we may develop a vaccine in less than 18 months, which is the fastest vaccine to date. But developing a vaccine is only half the battle. We also need to produce billions of doses of vaccine to protect people in the United States and around the world. “

Bill Gates foundation plans to invest billions of dollars to build factories and develop seven new coronavirus vaccines
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“We can now start building facilities to produce these vaccines,” Gates continued. Since many of the most promising vaccines are produced using unique equipment, we will have to build special facilities for each vaccine, but some facilities may not be used from the beginning to the end. Private companies cannot afford this risk, but governments can. The US government’s agreement this week with at least two companies to prepare for vaccine production is a good sign. I hope there will be more similar deals in the future. “

In novel coronavirus, Gates warned TED in 2015 that there would be infectious diseases like new-type coronavirus in the world. He and his wife’s novel coronavirus (Melinda) have committed $100 million to fight the new coronavirus. It is unclear whether the funds will be used to build vaccine production plants, and it is unclear where the rest of the funds will come from. Melinda.

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