Barcelona Players Reject Proposed Wage Decrease Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Barcelona Players Reject Proposed Wage Decrease Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Barcelona’s players dismissed the particulars of a proposed wage cut in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as indicated by ESPN’s Sam Marsden and Moises Llorens.

Per that report, “Arrangements between the club’s skippers and the top managerial staff are progressing. Sources clarified that the players are eager to endure a shot to their pay rates yet they are not content with the terms that have been recommended by the board up until this point.”

Any compensation slice would likewise apply to the ladies’ first group, the men’s ball group and different gatherings under the Barcelona flag. But since the men’s football crew represents half of the association’s spending limit, there is “a specific center” on them, per the report.

Marsden and Llorens noted there is “erosion between a portion of the players and a few individuals from the board, which has made arrangements troublesome,” however they stay hopeful they’ll have the option to agree.

Dissimilar to numerous other soccer clubs around Europe, who have well off proprietors from different organizations, Barcelona’s possession bunch is involved exclusively of its individuals. What’s more, the club is confronting a significant decline in income in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, with no matchday or historical center income and the vulnerability of whether certain rivalries will continue, possibly costing the club extra salary.

La Liga has put its timetable on rest uncertainly, while UEFA delayed the Champions and Europa Leagues. It stays hazy when those rivalries will continue, with the chance of out and out undoings still conceivably on the table.

Barcelona’s players have been giving back during the coronavirus emergency, be that as it may. Lionel Messi, for example, gave €1m to help human services frameworks in Spain and Argentina.

Spain has been hit hard by the pandemic, with over 3,400 confirmed deaths.


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