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Alessandra Garcia on Finding Joy in Mother’s Day Under Lockdown

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Isolation has changed the way we celebrate holidays. The usual trips to restaurants or travel are on hold, and this Mother’s Day many families are exploring intimate gatherings, if they’re able to gather at all. Of course, smaller doesn’t have to mean less festive and the constraints have resulted in inventive work-arounds. Case in point: when Alessandra Garcia and her siblings wanted to do something special for their mother, they thought outside the box. The daughter of actor Andy Garcia and film producer Marivi Lorido Garcia, Garcia comes from a family of entertainers and at 28 she ranks as one of the world’s top curve models, with campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Inamorata, Naturally, the Garcia clan got creative with their Mother’s Day plans. ”We’re nine people altogether and a bunch of dogs, so every day goes fast because there’s so much to do,” shared Garcia on the phone from Los Angeles. “For Mother’s Day, it’s just about her taking time off and chilling, we watch movies, cook for her, clean the whole house, and take all the responsibilities off her shoulder.”

In previous years the family’s celebrations centered around her mother’s favorite place: Disneyland. “For Mother’s Day, we’d always take the opportunity to go to Disney,” says Garcia. “She’s a huge fan and a member of Club 33, their secret private club. So it was either spending the day with her there or at the beach.” Given that COVID-19 closures prevented a visit to the house of mouse, Garcia and her sisters sought to bring a bit of that whimsical energy to their backyard. With mom’s birthday only weeks ahead of the holiday, they organized an Alice-themed tea party because she loves Alice in Wonderland. “Right now, we’re doing small things just to bring her out of the quarantine-mom protective mode that she’s in right now,” she says.

Photo: Courtesy Alessandra Garcia

They broke that mode by in savoring the joy of quiet pleasures. “My parents, especially my mom, have so many incredible recipes. Everything I know I’ve stolen from her,” says Garcia. Beauty indulgences have helped to pass the time, too. “We’ll give her a foot massage, braid her hair, or do her makeup. My mom has this inner glamour, so we try to bring it out,” she says. “Sometimes I just put a little glitter on her eyes, something she normally wouldn’t do, but it makes her feel special and happy in the moment.”

For Garcia and her siblings, all the little treats are just a way to give back to a woman who has given selflessly. “My mom is someone who I can always go to for advice, she always roots for me,” says Garcia. “She’s one of my best friends [and] will always tell it to me straight. She doesn’t sugarcoat things, but when I’m feeling unworthy, she’s there to find a positive.” There’s even been a silver lining to their life under lockdown. “The last time I lived at home, I was in high school. It’s been interesting coming back to that, navigating being at home and back with your family,” she says. “What’s going on in the world puts it all in perspective, this brought us all closer together. My parents are safe and healthy, and that’s the number one thing on our list.”

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